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Status: ONLINE
Character Information
World:Pazzur Online
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:MEMBER of the Boundless TM
Last login:17 February 2018, 11:25 am
Created:8 June 2015, 9:04 am
Comment:I was born in a thunderstorm...

I'm alive...

You took it all, but I'm still breathing.

13 Feb 2018, 08:06 Killed at level 532 by Blizzar'blood, Yeah Zestwins, Mauroo Jr, Blaker's, El tortillero, Reymaniaco Good Like, Itz Reymaniaco, a dragon lord and by dragon.
13 Feb 2018, 07:50 Killed at level 534 by Zester, Yeah Jotox, Movimiento Naranja, Zustor, No Soy Jhair, Jhairtroll, Reymaniaco Two, Reymaniaco One, Couster, Mr Truck and by Chucho Jr.
13 Feb 2018, 07:46 Killed at level 535 by Movimiento Naranja, Zustor, No Soy Jhair, Yeah Jotox, Couster, Zester, Mr Truck, Reymaniaco Two, Reymaniaco One, Reymaniaco Three and by Reymaniaco Four.
22 Jan 2018, 09:08 Killed at level 509 by Zest, a phyrexian colossus, Yeah Zesttor, Zasttor, Zostter, a demon and by Yeah Twiins.
18 Jan 2018, 06:26 Killed at level 507 by Down To Earth, Padrino, Bubasetta, Strong Gibel, Daniiell, El Ondiado, Veruzk, Daniel Rmz, Popsy, Rey Uno and by Aleyda.
12 Jan 2018, 02:18 Killed at level 503 by Push With Hand, Zarlook, Slim Shady, Hell Bolt, Knight Shock, Zhepiro and by Antoniowsj.
12 Jan 2018, 01:29 Killed at level 504 by Strong Knight, Chaneque, Ovatsug Hell, Slim Shady, Leinad Zerimar, Mini Owna, Mago Del Khaos and by Arleth Tqm.
12 Jan 2018, 01:28 Killed at level 505 by Compa Chente, Juaniho Tankk, Leinad Zerimar, Strong Knight, Mini Owna, Chaneque, Arleth Tqm, Pan'dos, Pan'tres, Ovatsug Hell and by Mago Del Khaos.
12 Jan 2018, 01:24 Killed at level 507 by Juaniho Tankk, Mini Owna, Chaneque, Compa Chente, Ovatsug Hell, Mago Del Khaos, Elite Druidito, Strong Knight, Arleth Tqm and by Leinad Zerimar.
9 Jan 2018, 06:02 Killed at level 506 by Jasper, Sonha On Three, Atton, Articuno, Yon-abrutsi, Infeccted, Zae Zua, Peztronauta, Small Timmy, Slim Shady and by dragon.

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