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Status: ONLINE
Character Information
World:Pazzur Online
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:Suicide Squad of the o Slegna o
Last login:16 March 2018, 10:01 pm
Created:23 September 2013, 8:55 pm

16 Mar 2018, 02:07 Died at level 493 by undefined.
8 Mar 2018, 09:17 Died at level 466 by hellhound.
4 Mar 2018, 16:55 Killed at level 452 by Anthuan, a Lacunean priest, a Lacunean archon and by Casa Bots.
2 Mar 2018, 20:44 Killed at level 416 by Soldado Four, Soldado Three, Cetis, Soldado One and by Lacunepriest.
2 Mar 2018, 05:17 Died at level 412 by hellhound.
1 Mar 2018, 09:13 Killed at level 401 by Is Gabriel, Piraton Safado, Maldito Drogadicto and by The Bad Girl.
28 Feb 2018, 23:47 Killed at level 396 by El Menchitoo, Andrew's, El Menchiito, El Menchito and by Shivworm.
23 Dec 2016, 01:34 Died at level 387 by phyrexicolossus, Fluorescent Adolescent, a necromancer, a necromancer and by demon.
23 Dec 2016, 01:01 Killed at level 388 by Fluorescent Adolescent, Nitrogenno, a shadowmage and by warlock.
18 Dec 2016, 23:46 Killed at level 388 by Buggy, Eternall, Dytto, Poppin John and by Nonstop.

Pits of Inferno
The Annihilator
Urza's Tower
The Temple of Shadows
The Lord of The Elements
Archdemon Hell
Deeper Archdemon Hell

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