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World:Pazzur Online
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Last login:5 July 2018, 10:59 pm
Created:13 October 2016, 5:40 am

26 Aug 2017, 06:16 Killed at level 489 by Mr Guns Shot, Gerardo Orttiz, Rulers, Miss Don Grizzly, Semiramis, Naydheli and by Valak.
26 Aug 2017, 06:10 Killed at level 490 by Dragan, Rulers, Pichurria, Zunderlast, Kakalaxe cp, Vaquero, Dark Angel, a cyclops, a cyclops alchemist and by minotaur guard.
26 Aug 2017, 06:08 Killed at level 491 by Rulers, Naydheli, Dragan, Zea Zua, Pichurria, Vaquero, Zunderlast, Nicotimocahua, Ewiix and by dwarf soldier.
26 Aug 2017, 06:04 Killed at level 493 by Naydheli, Rulers, Dragan, Zunderlast, Pichurria, Zea Zua, Nicotimocahua, Ewiix, Kakalaxe cp and by Gerardo Orttiz.
26 Aug 2017, 06:04 Killed at level 494 by Zunderlast, Nicotimocahua, Zea Zua, Ewiix, Rulers, Dragan, Pichurria, Kakalaxe cp, Gerardo Orttiz and by Naydheli.
26 Aug 2017, 05:18 Killed at level 495 by Headhunter, Mister Cuervo, Combo Breaker, Poppin John, Nonstop, Dytto, Jesus's, Zae Zua and by Teemo's.
26 Aug 2017, 05:07 Killed at level 497 by Subele Ala Greibol, Larissa, Nonstop, Dytto, Poppin John and by Setzu.
26 Aug 2017, 04:57 Killed at level 498 by Larissa, Dolul, Jesus's, Setzu and by La Putonga.
26 Aug 2017, 04:53 Killed at level 499 by Dolul, Larissa, Nonstop, Jesus's, La Putonga and by Neon King.
23 Aug 2017, 07:26 Killed at level 501 by Salsa Mexico Lindo, Salsa Amor, Krystal Vasquez, Lizeth Preciado, an orc berserker, a hunter, a wild warrior, a dragon hatchling and by dwarf.

Pits of Inferno
The Annihilator
Urza's Tower
The Temple of Shadows
The Lord of The Elements
Archdemon Hell
Deeper Archdemon Hell
The Elvish Kingdom

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