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Status: ONLINE
Character Information
Name:Antonio Rosas
Profession:Elder Druid
World:Pazzur Online
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:ALFEREZ of the Boundless TM
Last login:7 July 2018, 3:25 am
Created:15 April 2015, 10:19 pm

21 Jun 2018, 00:07 Killed at level 390 by Fire Foox, Dark Angeel, , Ravnica, R-o-t-t-s-e-z and by Pan Tosttado.
21 Jun 2018, 00:06 Killed at level 391 by Fire Foox, Bam-bam, , Ravnica, Dark Angeel and by R-o-t-t-s-e-z.
21 Jun 2018, 00:05 Killed at level 392 by Bam-bam, , Dark Angeel, R-o-t-t-s-e-z and by Fire Foox.
19 Jun 2018, 07:04 Killed at level 393 by Trevol Pilips, R-o-t-t-s-e-z, Kapneeft's and by Hawek Kaosz.
19 Jun 2018, 06:14 Killed at level 394 by Lencho, Dark Angel, Urek Mazino, Elise, a warlock, and by magmwizard.
19 Jun 2018, 06:11 Killed at level 395 by Dark Angel, Urek Mazino, Dooritha, Daniel Tanka Onn, Crazy Twins and by Elise.
12 Jun 2018, 22:29 Killed at level 396 by Jonsena, Lord War and by Brujo Mayor.
8 Jun 2018, 02:38 Killed at level 397 by Comandante Coss, Elise, Dimdriel, Bam-bam and by Crazy Twins.
8 Jun 2018, 02:34 Killed at level 398 by Dimdriel, Elise, Bam-bam and by Crazy Twins.
8 Jun 2018, 02:27 Killed at level 399 by Bam-bam.

Pits of Inferno
The Annihilator
Urza's Tower
The Temple of Shadows
The Lord of The Elements
Archdemon Hell
Deeper Archdemon Hell
The Elvish Kingdom
Account Information
Real name:Antonio Rosas
Location:Tuxpan Veracruz
Last login:17 October 2018, 1:01 pm
Created:15 April 2015, 10:18 pm
Account Status:Free Account

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