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Character Information
Name:Bumy Bravo
World:Pazzur Online
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:Pallys of the Agony
Last login:18 September 2018, 7:37 am
Created:16 September 2015, 9:52 pm

6 Oct 2016, 23:44 Killed at level 415 by Slim Shady, Wladimix Wcyziek, Caserbero, Blizzar'blood, Aka Chapito, Silkansz Tankah, Reymaniaco Good Like, Akas Seryukz, El tortillero, God's War and by Khawa Empo.
6 Oct 2016, 23:23 Killed at level 416 by El tortillero, Slim Shady, Sonha Troll Mode, Silkansz Tankah, Reymaniaco Good Like, Original Gangster, Blizzar'blood, Mini Mll and by Caserbero.
6 Oct 2016, 23:21 Killed at level 417 by Slim Shady, El tortillero, Sonha Troll Mode, Reymaniaco Good Like, Wladimix Wcyziek, Blizzar'blood, Caserbero, Akas Seryukz and by Mini Mll.
29 Jun 2016, 04:55 Killed at level 418 by Apolo Two, Edwin, Alexon and by Darck Lugia.
22 Jun 2016, 20:07 Died at level 411 by dwarf geomancer.
21 Jun 2016, 22:22 Killed at level 405 by Cliffjumper, Edwin, Muhammad, Holtshter, Los Chicos Del Barrio and by dwarf geomancer.
20 Jun 2016, 19:02 Killed at level 403 by Black Druid, Heartlee's, Braverlk, Speedy Crash, a barbarian executioner and by barbarihunter.
20 Jun 2016, 10:19 Killed at level 400 by Muhammad, Cliffjumper, El Perro Globero, a barbarian executioner and by barbarihunter.
20 Jun 2016, 09:31 Killed at level 401 by Gerardo Orttiz, Cliffjumper, El Perro Globero, Darck Lugia, a barbarian executioner and by barbarishaman.
17 Jun 2016, 19:05 Died at level 384 by barbariexecutioner.

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