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World:Pazzur Online
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:One of the Dark Side
Last login:24 January 2018, 8:59 am
Created:28 August 2012, 7:13 am


14 Apr 2017, 04:22 Killed at level 450 by Nitro Street, a barbarian footman, Materia Griz and by Dinjgs.
13 Apr 2017, 09:58 Killed at level 450 by Indito Four, Indito Forze, Indito One, Indito Twin and by barbarifootman.
17 Mar 2017, 05:38 Killed at level 426 by Jonsena, Materia Griz, Psykoarsher, a hellgorak, Ewiix and by Holtshter.
17 Mar 2017, 05:24 Killed at level 428 by Materia Griz and by Jonsena.
13 Mar 2017, 00:58 Killed at level 429 by Pan'dos, , Pan'cuatro, Xxdarkerguyxx and by Pan'tres.
25 Feb 2017, 03:16 Died at level 430 by the Lord of the Elements, Hielo One, Empalator, Cro Cro and by giant.
27 Jan 2017, 08:12 Killed at level 431 by Landerose, Magga, Ashes Of Eden, Mr Crowley, Jamlegend, Pa Mi Gente Soy El Cholo, Chaotic Sage Eternal, Seductor, Skrux and by Kryptography.
27 Jan 2017, 04:09 Killed at level 432 by Poppin John, Nonstop, Wings Wheels, Indito Four, Wiingss Wheels, Wiings Wheels, Wings Wheelss, Carmen Llnez and by Eznok.
25 Jan 2017, 07:52 Killed at level 433 by Itz Mini, Eznok, El Ranchero Mayo Zambada, Xylan, Walty Gandalf and by Kilarious Ziphy.
25 Jan 2017, 07:21 Killed at level 434 by El Ranchero Mayo Zambada, Itz Mini, Forbidden Voices, Druid'weroeck, Wings Wheels, Wiings Wheels, Wings Wheelss, Salsas Castillo, Wiingss Wheels and by Seyp Zide.

Pits of Inferno
The Annihilator
Urza's Tower
The Temple of Shadows
The Lord of The Elements
Archdemon Hell
Deeper Archdemon Hell
The Elvish Kingdom
Account Information
Location:Brasil .-
Last login:20 October 2018, 1:32 pm
Created:8 April 2009, 10:02 am
Account Status:Free Account

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2. John NamisaoPazzur Online25 Elite KnightOffline
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