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Status: ONLINE
Character Information
Name:El Skinny
World:Pazzur Online
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:MEMBER of the Boundless TM
Last login:20 June 2018, 8:45 am
Created:12 May 2018, 5:25 pm

20 Jun 2018, 08:45 Died at level 421 by lizard zaogun, a hydra, a Shivan spike, a tarantula and by tiger.
20 Jun 2018, 08:33 Died at level 421 by Archdemon.
20 Jun 2018, 02:31 Killed at level 422 by In Memory Of Arcana, Zestop, C'est La Vie, Laura Pausini, Ranzer, Yo Soy Ivan and by cyclops marauder.
20 Jun 2018, 02:30 Killed at level 423 by In Memory Of Arcana, Laura Pausini, Zestop, Ranzer, a giant and by Compa Racielon.
20 Jun 2018, 02:21 Killed at level 424 by Daniiell, Bam-bam and by Elise.
20 Jun 2018, 02:15 Killed at level 425 by Jonsena, Zestop, In Memory Of Arcana and by Daniiell.
20 Jun 2018, 02:12 Killed at level 426 by Bam-bam, Zestop, Itz Mini, C'est La Vie, Jonsena, Daniiell, Elise, a warlock, a tarantula and by stone golem.
20 Jun 2018, 02:11 Killed at level 427 by In Memory Of Arcana, Zestop, Bam-bam, Yo Soy Ivan, Itz Mini and by magmwizard.
20 Jun 2018, 02:09 Killed at level 428 by Zestop, Jonsena, Bam-bam, Daniiell, Elise, Yo Soy Ivan and by Itz Mini.
19 Jun 2018, 05:21 Died at level 428 by Archdemon.

Pits of Inferno
The Annihilator
Urza's Tower
The Temple of Shadows
The Lord of The Elements
Archdemon Hell
Deeper Archdemon Hell

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